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Séminaire virtuel

Les effets de la crise Ukraine/Russie sur les transformateurs de produits alimentaires et le renforcement de la résilience aux crises

Séminaire en ligne

The Russian war in Ukraine is hitting the global food supply chain and impacting prices of raw material (largely wheat), fertilizer, and fuel, which limit production, increase costs and depress sales. This has shaped manufacturers’ supply chain strategies and has greatly affected Africa’s food processing industry, despite being far from the conflict zone.

The session under the Alliance for Inclusive and Nutritious Food Processing (AINFP) Webinar series will bring together food processors, partners, and food industry experts from the region to engage and share experiences and opportunities in building resilience as a continent against world crises. 

Learn more about the AINFP program at www.ainfp.org and click here for more information about the event.