Outils d'analyse des politiques alimentaires en Afrique

Cette section présente des outils d'information et d'aide à la prise de décision afin d'aider les décideurs politiques, les experts en politiques alimentaires et les chercheurs à répondre rapidement aux développements dynamiques du système alimentaire mondial. 

Moniteur COVID-19 des prix des produits alimentaires en Afrique

Le moniteur des prix des produits alimentaires fournit des mises à jour quotidiennes des prix appliqués par les grossistes et par les petits commerçants sur une variété de produits alimentaires. Les alertes correspondent aux variations de prix depuis le début des mesures de distanciation sociale mises en place suite à la pandémie et sont basées sur des prix de référence datant d'avant la pandémie.

Africa COVID-19 Food Price Media Analysis

While the impact of rising food prices may be clear, the root causes of such price increases often are not. The role of various short- and long-term factors, such as the growth of commodities futures markets and changing levels of grain stocks, continues to be debated. This tool generates up-to-date media daily analysis of factors that may influence commodity price volatility and food security related to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Food Trade Policy Tracker

During the current COVID-19 crisis, some national governments have moved to restrict food exports. This behavior can, in aggregate, have dire unintended consequences for vulnerable people in food-importing countries, increasing prices and exacerbating issues of food insecurity already inflamed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It may also negatively affect producers in the export-restricting countries. Similar trade policies contributed to the 2007-2008 food price crisis; may history not repeat itself.

Early Warning Hub

The Early Warning Hub brings together information from across Early Warning Systems in one place. Early Warning Systems (EWS) alert to the presence of food crises and related drivers, informing decision makers and saving lives.

Système d'Alerte Précoce pour la variabilité excessive des prix des denrées alimentaires

The Excessive Food Price Variability Early Warning System is a tool of the Food Security Portal that identifies periods of excessive price variability (i.e. price variability that exceeds a pre-established threshold), and it is updated on a daily basis to identify days that are within periods of high, moderate, and low price variability.

Panneau de Contrôle pour la Surveillance des Risques

The control panel for real-time monitoring of risk factors is an innovative tool that brings together information on various drivers of food crises, including conflict and climate-related shocks.