Global Report on Food Crises

This section presents information-and decision-support tools to strengthen the ability of policymakers, food policy experts, and researchers to respond quickly to dynamic developments in the world food system.

Here you can find the latest information on current food crises through the Global Report on Food Crises, information from across Early Warning Systems, a control panel for real-time monitoring of food crisis risk factors, and the Excessive Food Price Variability tool where you can track daily updates in food price volatility.

Global Report on Food Crises

Click here to access the Global Report on Food Crises page in the Food Security Portal. 

High levels of acute food insecurity persist in 2023 due to protracted food crises and new shocks – but there are improvements in some countries.

To download the report:
FSIN and Global Network Against Food Crises. 2023. Global Report on Food Crises 2023. Mid-Year Update.

Excessive Food Price Variability Early Warning System

The Excessive Food Price Variability Early Warning System is a tool of the Food Security Portal that identifies periods of excessive price variability (i.e. price variability that exceeds a pre-established threshold), and it is updated on a daily basis to identify days that are within periods of high, moderate, and low price variability.

Early Warning Hub

Reliable, timely information on food production and availability, food prices, and hunger levels are key to helping decision makers anticipate and respond to food crises and their drivers. Early warning systems exist to collect, analyze, and disseminate such information.

The Early Warning Hub brings together in one place the alerts and other information from across several Early Warning Systems.