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Acute Food Crisis Continues in Congo

Over 25 million people have experienced acute food insecurity and hunger between July and December 2023, according to the World Food Programme and IPC. The country is currently facing one of the world’s largest current food crises.

IPC estimates that around 3.5 million people are in Phase 4 (Emergency) food insecurity, while 21.8 million are in Phase 3 (Crisis). As many as 900,000 children under five are suffering from severe wasting.

Ongoing armed conflict and civil insecurity are driving the crisis. Displaced populations now number over 6 million people, with the eastern areas of the country the hardest hit. Acute food insecurity throughout the country is expected to continue into 2024, with over 23 million people expected to be experiencing IPC Phase 3 or above levels of hunger. WFP emphasizes that urgent humanitarian aid is needed to prevent the crisis from escalating further.