Soft Wheat

 Soft wheat stands as a foundational crop for producing bread, pastries, and an array of baked goods worldwide. Its remarkable versatility and widespread culinary applications have firmly established it as a staple in the diets of numerous cultures across the globe. In many regions, soft wheat contributes significantly to the daily calorie intake of a large segment of the population, making it a crucial dietary element. 

 The major soft wheat producers, consisting of countries within the European Union, China, India, Russia, and the United States, play a pivotal role in the global soft wheat market. These nations boast favorable climates and possess extensive agricultural infrastructure, allowing them to support and sustain large-scale cultivation of soft wheat. 

 Successful soft wheat cultivation hinges on the presence of moderate temperatures and adequate moisture during critical growth stages. As a result, climate conditions are decisive factors influencing the growth and yield of the crop. Extreme weather conditions, such as prolonged periods of extreme heat or cold, can inflict harm upon the soft wheat, leading to diminished yields and impacting the overall global supply of this essential grain.

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