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Current Weather Hazards in West and East Africa

Africa south of the Sahara has faced several weather hazards during the first half of June, according to FEWS.Net.

In West Africa, between June 19 and 25, heavy rainfall followed several weeks of above-average precipitation. This led to flooding in several areas, including parts of Ghana, southern and western Nigeria, eastern Senegal, western Mali, Burkina Faso, and eastern Chad. In the coming 10 days, these and other areas of West Africa are expected to receive continued moderate to heavy rainfall, maintaining increased risks for flooding.

East Africa has received overall favorable rainfall recently, but several ongoing forecasts point to higher risks for flooding. In June, the Horn of Africa recorded above-average rainfall, particularly in South Sudan, southern and eastern Sudan, northern and eastern Ethiopia, Djibouti, and northern Somalia. In the next 10 days, western Ethiopia, eastern South Sudan, and southwestern Kenya are forecast to see further heavy rainfall. Ethiopia and Kenya already experienced flooding triggered by heavy rains earlier in the month.

East Africa also continues to be challenged by desert locust swarms in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. As the current agricultural growing season progresses alongside wetter-than-average conditions, these swarms are forecast to continue to develop and migrate. Likely impacted areas include South Sudan and southern Sudan, as well as expanded areas of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia.