Africa COVID-19 Food Price Monitor

The Food Price Monitor provides daily updates of prices in wholesale and retail markets for a wide range of food products. Alerts refer to price changes from the start of social distancing measures taken because of COVID-19 and are based on a pre-COVID-19 reference price.

Food prices strongly influence livelihoods and dietary choices of farmers, traders, processors, and consumers. When markets are tight, prices are sensitive to shocks such as a bad harvest or, in today’s context, supply disruptions caused by COVID-19. For the poor who spend most of their income on food, any food price increase may put their food security at risk. The Food Security Portal's COVID-19 Food Price Monitor serves as a temperature check of market conditions for staple and non-staple foods at the local level. By tracking food price spikes that could point at supply disruptions, the Monitor helps identify hotspots in food chains. 

Africa COVID-19 Food Price Monitor Dashboard

Use the tool below to monitor price changes and trends by local market and by commodity. The Food Price Monitor covers domestic markets for which daily price data are available. Current coverage includes major markets in India, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi. More countries will be added shortly depending on data availability and resources.

Africa COVID-19 Food Price Monitor Dashboard