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Virtual seminar

Food System Repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine War

Online seminar

This session will examine the impacts of the conflict in Ukraine on food systems around the world. Russia’s February 2022 invasion triggered trade disruptions and dramatic price increases for energy, agricultural commodities, and fertilizers, which were already high following the COVID-19 lockdowns and value chain disruptions. While international prices have come down from the peaks seen in 2022, domestic inflation levels remain high in many low- and middle-income countries, and food and fertilizer affordability remains a challenge. The war has also led to a sizable drop in agricultural production in Ukraine, which has been an important exporter of grains and cooking oil. Given that 30 percent of Ukraine’s agricultural land may be riddled with land mines, production in this major breadbasket may not recover swiftly when hostilities cease. In line with the 2023 Borlaug Dialogue theme of “Harnessing Change,” the event will also focus on efforts already underway or required to improve systemic resilience, recover from shocks, and sustainably nourish all people in light of the significant shock the conflict has had on food systems around the world.

Opening Remarks

Impact of the War on Global Markets

  • Joseph Glauber, Senior Research Fellow, Market, Trade and Institutions, IFPRI

How Domestic Policy Measures Exacerbate the Impact of the War

  • David Laborde, Division Director, Agrifood Economics Division (ESA), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Prevalence and Impact of Landmines on Ukrainian Agricultural Production

  • Caitlin Welsh, Director, Global Food and Water Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

Mitigating the Global Impacts of Food System Shocks: Key Takeaways for Resilience Building Efforts

  • Dina Esposito, Assistant to the Administrator for the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security (RFS) at USAID, Feed the Future Deputy Coordinator for Development, and Global Food Crisis Coordinator, and the Agency’s Global Food Crisis Coordinator



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