Internal Event
Research webinar

Food vs Fuel V2.0: Impacts of Biofuels on Agricultural Markets and Food Security

Online seminar
IFPRI and Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS)

With tight global supplies and global food inflation at the highest levels in many years, there is renewed criticism of biofuel policies that divert food and feedstuffs to produce fuels. Biofuel proponents argue that biofuel policies enhance energy self-sufficiency and reduce GHG emissions. This session reviewed the growth in global biofuel production and examine its impact on demand and market prices for grain and oilseeds.

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Welcome Remarks


  • Lee Ann Jackson, Head of Division, Agro-food Trade and Markets, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Thomas Mielke, Editor and CEO, Oil World
  • Patrick Westhoff, Director, Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri (FAPRI-MU) 

Panel Discussion

  • Justyna Wrobel, Team Leader, DG AGRI, European Commission
  • Marcelo Fernandes Guimarães, General Coordinator of Studies and Information, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply, Brazil


  • Seth Meyer, Chief Economist, USDA and AMIS Chair