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Cash vs. in-kind transfers: Indian data meets theory

"We want food, we cannot eat money." This rationale and others are uncovered in Reetika Khera's investigation of attitudes in rural households for and against cash and in-kind (in this case food) transfers.

Promoting the use of novel water-saving agricultural technology

This article was originally published on Ideas for India.


BY: Anil Bhargava (Univ. of Michigan), Kajal Gulati (UC, Davis), Travis Lybbert (UC, Davis), Nicholas Magnan (Univ. of Georgia) & David Spielman (IFPRI)

Unraveling the enigma of South Asian malnutrition

The following post by Laurence Haddad was originally published on and is part of an ongoing series of blog stories celebrating IFPRI’s 40th anniversary.


FINAL SUMMARY AVAILABLE from Electronic Dialogue

BY: Summer Allen, Research Coordinator at IFPRI

To download the PDF version, click here.

Tapping the Sun to Drought-Proof Agriculture in Bihar: A Climate Smart Solution

Author: Avinash Kishore

Bihar is the poorest state in India. Nearly 90 percent of the population of 110 million in Bihar lives in villages and depends directly or indirectly on agriculture for their livelihoods. Agricultural productivity is low in Bihar and vulnerable to weather fluctuations. For example, droughts have a bigger impact on production of kharif (monsoon) crops in Bihar than in most other states of India.

Targeting of Subsidies Under the Budget

BY: Summer Allen

The Right Pathways for Raising Farm Incomes

BY: PK Joshi 

The author is the Director-South Asia with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). The views expressed are of author and not of the organization.

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Changes Ahead for the FCI

The High Level Committee charged with evaluating efficiency and effectiveness of Food Corporation of India (FCI) presented its recommendations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi last week.

“The major issue before the Committee was how to make the entire food grain management system more efficient by reorienting the role of FCI in MSP operations, procurement, storage and distribution of grains in TPDS so that it can serve the country better and at a lower cost,” writes Committee Chairman Shanta Kumar in the opening of the report.


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