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Sub-Saharan Africa

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Direct Seed Marketing in Ethiopia

By: Swati Malhotra, IFPRI

Food Insecurity in East Africa

East Africa facing acute food insecurity as drought continues, alerts FEWS and FAO

Crop Losses in Southern Africa due to Drought and Flooding

Southern Africa faced widespread drought from the October 2018 to March 2019 rainy season, with less than 55 percent of normal rainfall totals, alerts FEWS. The 2018-2019 rainfall began a month late, triggering extended dry spells between January and March.

IMPACT Projections of Food Production, Consumption, and Hunger to 2050

Policy makers, analysts, and civil society face increasing challenges to reducing hunger and improving food security in a sustainable way. Modeling alternative future scenarios and assessing their outcomes can help inform policy choices. The Internatio…

Consumer Demand & Processed Food in Nigeria

By: Alan de Brauw and Sylvan Herskowitz. This piece originally appeared on the A4NH blog.

Aflatoxin and Child Stunting

Vivian Hoffman, Jef Leroy, and Kelly Jones. This post originally appeared on

Irrigation to Feed Africa

By Claudia Ringler. This post originally appeared in African Leadership Magazine.

Early lean season in Southern Africa

Southern Africa could face an early start to the 2019-2020 lean season and abnormally high food assistance needs, according to a new alert from FEWS Net. Due to a significant delay in the start of the rainy season and predicted below-average precipitation through March, the region is likely to experience cumulative seasonal rainfall significantly below average. This deficit may negatively impact maize production, livestock conditions, and agricultural labor opportunities in the region.

Medium-scale farms in Africa

By Thomas Jayne and Milu Muyanga


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