Risk and Resilience

Innovating Partnerships Between Microfinance and Health/Nutrition Services

Since 2007, Freedom from Hunger and the Microcredit Summit Campaign, in partnership through the Health and Microfinance Alliance (HMA), have worked with 38 MFIs and SHPIs across nine states in India that collectively reach more than 7.3 million women with financial services. Studies have shown that as a result of SHG membership, women and their families experience enhanced health and nutrition knowledge; improved social and economic capital; increased rates of institutional births, family planning services, antenatal care, and immunizations; and reduced neonatal mortality and malnutrition.

Photo Credit: Flickr (Amber Peterman/IFPRI)

Strategising a New Approach to Crop Insurance in India

At a recent workshop, senior government officials, researchers and industry representatives brainstormed about how insurance can serve farmers better. They came up with recommendations that can help in a new crop insurance program. 

Photo Credit: Flickr (Ray Witlin / World Bank)

Risky Business

Adaptive strategies for coping with drought.

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