Using drones for data in Tanzania

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Measuring and Monitoring Intra-African Trade

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Summary of Virtual Dialogue: FSI for Food Access & Nutrition

Reliable, timely data is crucial to fight hunger and malnutrition and to drive overall development in Africa south of the Sahara; however, significant research and data gaps exist, in terms of both the availability of information and the effective, transparent use of that information by policymakers. (For further discussion of existing research gaps, read about our side event at the recent 2016 ReSAKSS Conference).

Virtual Dialogue: Food Security Information for Food Access & Nutrition

When it comes to policymaking, sound information is key. This is especially true for agriculture and food policies in Africa south of the Sahara, where hunger levels remain the highest in the world (2016 Global Hunger Index) and where agriculture accounts for a significant portion of GDP (17.1 percent in 2014; World Bank).

2016 ReSAKSS Conference Focuses on Nutrition

ReSAKSS:  Achieving a Nutrition Revolution for Africa

Data, Digital Technology: Driving Africa Forward

Digital technology took center stage at last week’s 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa, held in Kigali, Rwanda from May 13-15. The theme of the forum was “Connecting Africa’s Resources through Digital Transformation,” a topic that is becoming more and more important as Africa’s growing population continues to put pressure on the region’s agricultural sector, food supply, and natural resources.

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